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Jean-François Alabor

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    Is there room for idealism in the conflict between right and wrong?

    It is not only possible, it must be given pride of place.

    Combining strength and sensitivity, Jean-François Alabor is the right person for cases in commercial, contract, inheritance and matrimonial property law. Objectiv, exact and committed, as well as sensitive and differentiated, he manages to find a convincing solution to every problem and one which is properly assessed and substantiated. For this he does not get lost in the wider ramifications, but prefers to concentrate on brief, well-thought-out statements with relevant content. His banking experience means that he is the right choice for cases in the financial sector. In his contacts with clients, however, he reveals the understanding, which largely distinguishes an attorney with high ideals.



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  • Education
    • 1975 – 1981
      University of Zurich
    • 1981 – 1983
      auditor/court secretary at Uster district court
    • 1984
      admitted to the Bar
    • 1984 – 1992
      legal consultant to a Zurich bank
    • since 1992
      practising attorney
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    Lic. iur. Jean-François Alabor
    Löwenstrasse 17
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    Phone 043 888 68 38